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"Specialized Services for Children with Special Needs"

About CurtisCARE

 CurtisCARE Child Development and Clinical Service Programs was established in 2006 to provide Early Intervention Services for children diagnosed with intellectual delays’ and developmental disabilities. CurtisCARE’s Clinical Service Programs provides Occupational,  Speech and Language Therapy. Our facilities are located in the cities of Downey and Carson and they provided In-Home and Centerbased services for children ages zero to five years who reside in Los Angeles.  CurtisCARE's programs are vendored through, South Central Los Angeles Regional Center and licensed by the state of California.   

Our mission is to increase the availability and improve the quality of early intervention and clinical services for children. Historically our centers have focused in the cities of Compton, Carson and Downey. In order to fully utilize our resources we must expand in both the public and private sectors then associate with other early intervention, clinical and medical service providers that serve children and families.   

 Vision, Commitment and Excellence   

Led by Lucina Mena, CurtisCARE’s management has more than the 35 community care service years in early childhood development and “special needs” to its credit. Our goal is to meet children’s individual needs, evolve as a program and create an environment that will produce successful outcomes.    Our experienced team members are committed professionals who believe in our mission.      

Lucina A. Mena

 Senior Program Director

Social-Emotional Development

Mommy and Me: Center Time

CurtisCARE proudly presents the newest addition to our community service programs:  Mommy & Me!

Mommy and Daddy are welcomed into our engaging environment to support your toddler as they work towards IFSP milestones and promote development.  Our uniquely designed classes encourage multi-sensory experiences to stimulate language, motor skills, socialization and adaptive skills.  Highly trained/specialized teachers work alongside parents to build a strong foundation for your child's first three years.

Children of ALL abilities are welcome!

Classes include:

Circle Time

Music & Movement

Sensory Stations 

Art and Creativity

Outdoor Play 

Parenting Tips


Parent participation is required


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"Specialized Services for Children with Special Needs"

Parents are always welcome during program hours.  Feel free to  visit during normal business hours.  Guests visits by appointment only.

CurtisCARE Child Development and Clinical Service

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Child Development Program

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